Numerology Chart – What is it?

Since a typical numerology reading involves the analysis of several numbers, it is often best to use a personal numerology chart. A complete numerology chart is composed of six numbers. Half of these numbers are determined using your date of birth. The other half is determined using the name you were given at birth. These six numbers determine a variety of things, including who you are as a person, how others perceive you, and what your future holds. As such, you can probably say that the numbers on your numerology chart determine your complete state of being.

Getting Started with Your Numerology Chart

When constructing your personal numerology chart, you first need to understand how the calculations are done. Each number in your numerology chart is computed differently. However, there are some similarities in the procedure. For example, when using a date for computation, you need to use the short date format (mm/dd/yyyy). On the other hand, when using letters for computation, you need to convert the letters into numbers first. There are two primary systems for converting letters into numbers: the Pythagorean System and Chaldean System. Here is a short primer on the two systems so that you can choose which one to use for your numerology chart.

The Pythagorean System takes its name from the Greek philosopher, mathematician, and numerologist, Pythagoras. On the other hand, the Chaldean System was developed in Chaldea, an ancient Mesopotamian nation which existed from the 10th to 6th century BC and was eventually absorbed by Babylon.

Choosing a System for Your Numerology Chart

There are two key differences between the Chaldean and Pythagorean Systems. The first difference lies in the use of the number nine. The Pythagorean System assigns each letter of the alphabet a particular value ranging from one to nine, based on the order in which that letter appears. For example, A is one, B is two, C is three…and I is nine. The sequence then repeats itself with the succeeding numbers. J is one, K is two, L is three, and so on. In contrast, the Chaldean System considers the number nine sacred and does not give any letter that value.

The second difference is that the Chaldean System is not based on the alphabetical order of the letters. Instead, the letters are assigned numbers which best match their sounds, tones, and vibrations.

It’s your choice if you want to use the Pythagorean or Chaldean System in constructing your numerology chart. Although some numerologists argue that one system is better than the other, there is no general consensus. You may also want to try both systems and see which one seems to fit best. But regardless of which system you ultimately prefer, the most important thing is to just get started with your numerology chart. Keep in mind that your current goal should be to learn how the numerology chart works and what you can do to make it better.