Why Use a Numerology Calculator

A numerology calculator is a tool used by numerologists to conduct a numerology reading. A typical numerology reading will reveal your five core numbers. Collectively, your core numbers will provide significant insight on who you are, how people perceive you, and what your future holds.

Each core number can be determined by using simple math. However, there are several steps that you need to carefully follow if you want to get a reliable numerology reading. This is where a numerology calculator comes in.

The two main reasons for using a numerology calculator are accuracy and convenience.

A Numerology Calculator is More Accurate

Of the two main concerns, accuracy is clearly the more important. A numerology calculator helps you get more accurate results by eliminating the risk of human error. As I already mentioned, there are a number of steps that you need to follow to get a reliable numerology reading. If you make a mistake during any point of the process, there is a good chance the results you get will no longer be accurate.

Life Path Number

For example, to calculate your Life Path Number, which many consider to be the most important core number due to its influence on your future, you first need to divide the numbers of your birth date into months, days, and years. Afterward, you need to sum up and reduce each segment into a single-digit number or a Master Number. Finally, you will need to sum up the value of each segment and reduce the result into a single-digit number.

Using the above guidelines, let us now try to determine the Life Path Number of a person born on October 1, 1975. First, we need to determine the values for the month (10), day (1), and year (1975). The value for the month is 1 since that is the sum of the digits that make up the number 10, i.e. 1+0=1. The value for the day is 1 since the number is already a single-digit number. Finally, the value for the year is Master Number 22 since that is the sum of the digits that make up the number 1975, i.e. 1+9+7+5=22. Normally, this double-digit sum would need to be reduced further to get a single-digit result, i.e. 2+2=4. However, because 22 is a Master Number, we will need to keep the double-digit result. For the last step, we need to add the results for each segment and reduce the same to a single-digit number. In our example, the Life Path Number is 5 since 22+1+1=23 and 2+3=5.

Our example may look simple to the trained eye, but for the uninitiated it is much better to use a numerology calculator to make sure that you do not make a mistake in the computation.

A Numerology Calculator is More Convenient

For obvious reasons, using a numerology calculator is much more convenient than doing the calculations yourself. All you need to do is enter the pertinent data (usually your birth date and name) and then let the tool do the work for you.


Performing a numerology reading yourself may be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you’re new to numerology. To get the most accurate results in the easiest way possible, using a numerology calculator will be your best choice.